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antiravine's Journal

see how the boy falls from the sky ⌒☆

Heroism feels and never reasons, and therefore is always right.
- ralph waldo emerson

dia dhuit i'm kuzu!
i like ireland and neopets and superhero boys <33
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andrew the chocolate skeith, batman, bears on segways, being a huge geek, brit kids, chiatooorg, cosplaying, cute kiwis, daydreaming, dicknanas, doitsu, drag queens, fat sealand, freckles, fucking your mom, gay cowboys, ginger hair, gorillaz, guinness, harry potter, hetalia sometimes, ireland ireland ireland, irish beer, irish food, irish history, irish people, irish things, kittens, looking at stars, making icons, melting nazi's faces, moe superhero boys, morgan freeman, playing too much neopets, pretending to speak gaelic, priscilla, queenie possible/obama stoppable, queenie x obama, robot unicorn attack!!!!, sheamus the celtic warrior, singing like batman, so much neocash, trooooolll in the dungeon, using the force, usuk, vacman and bobbin, weird music, what's my name bitches